Thursday, November 29, 2007

Faster prototypes, better specs

I ran across a tool called Lucid Spec that allows you to do rapid screen prototyping with clickthrough capabilities. They bill it as a tool for creating better specifications, which it would invariably be in the hands of a good user experience designer.

Enlarge Figure 2: Design mode, with user detail screen in the middle, and supporting panels on the sides.

It could also be a tool for making higher fidelity "paper prototypes", although that can backfire on you. When doing paper prototyping, it actually helps you get better user feedback if you have rough sketches that don't look too polished.

However, after the paper prototyping phase, this Lucid Spec tool could be quite useful for showing the developers what to develop and how it should work.

Resources on paper prototyping:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words about Lucid Spec. We're always interested in feedback and ideas for improving the product.

I agree that paper prototyping is the best place to start. We've thought about adding a "low-resolution" mode that strips out colors, fonts, etc. How useful would this be?

Clif Kussmaul
CTO, Elegance Technologies

Kivi said...

Well that would be the cat's meow!